#37 - Changing Limiting Beliefs That Are True To Your CORE with Bonnie Kelly

Hands down....one of all-time favorite episodes so far. If ya'll know me, I am ALL about breaking through our limiting beliefs and clearing the shitty conditioning of our subconscious mind. And luckily... so is Bonnie Kelly.

Bonnie is a Master Life Coach, Speaker, and Writer who is committed to helping people get OVER their past struggles and stories so they can truly show up and live life to the fullest. This lady is the REAL DEAL and brings the HEAT to this interview for ya'll.

Some things we cover:

-How Bonnie turned her past of drug addicted, disordered eating, abandonment, and sexual abuse into her fuel for growth and living a life full of purpose and meaning

-How our limiting stories of "I'm not good enough" or "I'm unloveable" get formed into our subconscious mind as children and how we can change them.

-Separating the virus in our minds from our identity 

-The process of change and how to cultivate grace in our journey

-Why its our responsibility to commit to change and reworking our old belief systems

.....This and MUCH, MUCH more. 

I promise you won't be disappointed with this one! Be sure to grab a pen and piece of paper and take notes!

Grab Bonnie's MUST-READ book "True to Your Core" here. Learn more about Bonnie and her programs here. And be sure to follow Bonnie on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube to keep up with all of her incredible content.

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Until next week, Spiritual Gangsters!