#42 - Rewriting Your Story & Releasing Control with Kyla Sokollward

re you ready to ditch the victim mentality, toss out your struggle story, and create a life filled with self-love, gratitude, and joy?

Join me and Kyla Sokollward as we jam on all things transformation. Kyla's spiritual awakening via disordered eating mirrors mine in several ways and I absolutely loved chatting with this chick about the nit and gritty INTERNAL shifts we need to make in order to radically change our lives.

Some things we cover:

-Moving away from food fear and into freedom

-Loving our bodies and ourselves (even when its hard)

-Letting go of anything that feels HEAVY so we can create something new

-Playing games with fear instead of letting it run our lives

-Releasing control to something greater outside of ourselves

-Living a life full of purpose and gratitude

.....and more!

Kyla Sokoll-Ward is a self-love coach on a mission to change the way women relate to themselves. She teaches women to love their fears, trust the universe, and redefine their worthiness so that they can fall in love with themselves and step into their badass feminine power. Learn more about her here.

AND if you're interested in applying for private coaching with me, head here to learn more about the WARRIOR GODDESS ACTIVATION program I just launched. WOO!

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Until next time, gang!