#40 - How to Stop Being JEALOUS (Solocast)


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Ever walk by a hot girl and think "Damn! I wish I looked like her!"

OR see your old college roommate post her engagement photo on Facebook and think "NO way! How is she getting engaged and I'm still single living with my Mom?"

OR see someone you work with who barely keeps their shit together get a killer raise and think "How the hell can they make more money than me?"

If you're a human...I'm thinking you've been there.

And as soon as these thoughts come up, you get hit with this ICKY energy of jealousy,not-enoughness, insecurity, anxiety, and sometimes....anger.

It feels like shit.

It makes you insecure in yourself (and your relationships).

And it literally BLOCKS you from experiencing joy and abundance.

So....let's stop doing that shit. K?

This quickie solocast with Caty breaks down a simple 4-step formula to do IN THE MOMENT jealousy strikes so you can literally reprogram that reaction and free yourself from that low-vibing energy it creates in ya bones.

Which, will give you room to RISE UP into the warrior goddess you know yourself to be. (No matter how much other people are crushing it)

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Until next week, sexy ladies!