My women that are stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and low self-esteem. My women who want to love themselves more, but can't stop chasing things outside of themselves to feel better. They define their worthiness by their bodies, their relationships, their accomplishments, their jobs, and ultimately by what other people think of them...which leaves them feeling needy, anxious, and empty. 

Even though they're aware their thinking and behavior isn't serving them, they can't seem to stop. They have huge hearts, huge ambitions, and incredible passion for life, but they spend more time feeling hopeless than empowered.  The fire inside of them can't seem to stay lit because they keep dumping water on it with their compulsive behaviors, insecurity, and anxiety. 

They're ready to end the struggle.

They're ready to finally ask for help, stop running away from their problems, and step into a life full of confidence, passion, joy, and freedom.

That's where I come in.

I'm an empowerment coach and speaker who is determined to inspire and guide others to make radical and lasting transformations.

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I will see your blind spots, guide you through your own inner transformation, and help you step into the woman you were born to become.  I will teach you you everything I know, give you everything I have, and be sure to make you laugh a little along the way.

No matter what you're going through, no matter how hopeless you feel, I promise you...I have been there. Probably even worse. For fuck's sake, I spent 6 months of my life peeing in a bucket underneath my bed because I locked myself in my room at night so I wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night to binge eat. Yes, seriously. 

I could write an entire book on my struggle with food and my body, but with respect for your time and ever-decreasing attention span...


I started my journey as a 230 lb. teenager who used food to numb the pain from being bullied by my peers and neglected by my mother.

I spent the next few years trying every diet under the sun until I became a full blown anorexic when my first boyfriend cheated on me with a skinnier girl.

Anorexia progressed to becoming a bikini competitor, which led me to develop a raging binge eating disorder. 


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I gained 60lbs in two months after my competition through uncontrollable binges in my sleep. I sabotaged the relationship I had with my boyfriend because I was so ashamed of my body, my feelings, and myself. I had too much anxiety to work, so I quit my job and moved back in with my parents. I felt my entire world crumble around me. I hated my body. I hated myself. 

I spent years running away from my problems, my wounds, and my truth. I tried therapy, anti-depressants, hypnosis, visualization, mantras, subconscious reprogramming, and anything else I could find in the self-help department of the bookstore to try and fix myself. 

And while I had some small wins, nothing ever stuck. As soon as the high of the meditation wore off, I was back to being the same self I was desperately trying to run away from. Depressed, compulsive, anxious, insecure, and so incredibly lost. 

It wasn't until I realized I had to stop running away from myself and start returning home to myself that I started to make some real progress. Loving all pieces of myself is what allowed all of the work I was doing to actually integrate at a cellular level.

Rewiring my habits, challenging my limiting beliefs, visualizing my highest self, tapping into my intuition, living from my heart....all of that became so much easier (and enjoyable) when I was coming at it from a place of knowing I was completely worthy and safe, just as I was.

This internal shift has helped me become the happy, healthy, confident, passionate, and undeniably soulful woman I am today. A woman that feels worthy at her core, knows how to deeply care for herself, and has an un-fucking-shakable belief in herself.

Are you ready to step up and create the life you've always wanted? Are you ready to stop pretending you have your shit together and get the help that you oh-so deserve?

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